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Project Description

MediaCentral is a multimedia management and playback solution for SharePoint Server 2010.


This project is the public distribution of the MediaCentral solution that was used as an entry in the first EUSP Hackathon. More details about the Hackathon can be found here:

Details about the design decisions that went on during these frantic 10 days are available here:

This area has been set up in a quick rush, including writing the Feature in the solution to automatically deploy all the required files (the original solution was done straight into the server, and the only thing the SharePoint solution deployed was the WCF).

Recognition needs to be given to some core third party products which make this project possible. In particular, the UI development was possible thanks to a JavaScript based product called Metro Dynamis. This project uses Metro Dynamis Core Web, which is freely available from their website here:

Details on other tools in use in the project are available under the Documentation tab.

Should this project have continued interest I shall add more documentation, clean up the code and generally put more time into this.

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