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This page is a list of things I intend to add/do to the solution and product over the coming weeks/months.

User Interface

  • Improve the 'manage' tab
  • Add visual enhancements to the video thumbnails
  • Perhaps include lists of most popular for day/week/month/all time videos based on play count
  • Include 'Played' counter for each video
  • Get the local videos to generate preview images (server side stuff oh-ho!)


  • Fully comment all code in the Web Service to StyleCop standards
  • Reduce the reliance in mediacentral.js on jQuery.
  • Increase abstraction in mediacentral.js, allowing for potential integration into future Microsoft technologies, and in particular allow for use of any video player (not just JWPlayer, as is currently hard-wired).
  • Probably default to use the standard HTML5 browser native video player without any JavaScript plugins.
  • Figure out how to interact with the Term Store in the SharePoint Client object model (doing this will allow me to make the product a sandboxed solution).
  • Add minification to JS/CSS files
  • Add support for playlists

Other Awesome Features

  • Should probably add support for images and audio. It is meant to be a multi-media center after all.
  • Advertise the fact this probably works sweet as hell in a MySite, giving users their own multimedia management platform to store all their own stuff.
  • If the MySite thing gets good feedback, then maybe work on a mechanism for aggregating content from across MySites (don't expect this in the sandbox/Office 365 anytime soon though).

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